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Living with a respiratory problem is not easy. At Exhale, we help people with lung disease take control by learning how to manage symptoms.




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Our personalized programs are researched-based and centered on your needs.  Join now to be a part of an online, on-demand, and affordable program that will change your life!

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EXHALE personalized programs

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Your are not alone!

65 million

People live with lung



Have difficulty finding a rehab program.


Our goal is 100% access for anyone with lung diseases.

Our Experienced Team

Our team of experts is highly experienced. They include specialists dedicated to improving your lung health. 

Founder, CEO

Lung Doctor

Lung Doctor

Nurse Practioner

Respiratory Therapist

      Physical Therapist


Social Worker

Respiratory Therapist

      Yoga Specialist

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Success Stories

“One of the most important steps to better lung health is access to cost – effective pulmonary rehabilitation.” – Dr.Loan Nguyen

Quality of Life

"Participating in a pulmonary rehabilitation has helped my patients feel more in control of their disease and improved their quality of life" - Kasi Ketcher, Nurse Practitioner

Become More Active

"Rehabilitation has helped me see a difference in the activity levels of the people I serve. It allows them to build endurance to do the things they love doing." - Carrie Ferguson, Physical Therapist

Reduce Symptoms

I realized that if I do these tiny steps each day I am more in control and don't have to go back to the hospital as often. - Exhale User

“We want to give you the knowledge and tools to control your disease and live a better life. Our mission is to provide quality, affordable, and research-based training for anyone with lung health problems. Join us and let our team help you increase your quality of life!”
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, insurance does not cover online rehabilitation. We hope to see that change in the future. Until then, we will ensure the cost is low so you are able to get the resources you need at a reasonable price.

We accept many forms of payment including major credit cards, PayPal, and Venmo, and more.

Yes! All of our team members live and work in the US. Our home office is headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK.

 All of our consultants have obtained professional degrees and licenses in their chosen area. We are proud to bring you a team of excellent clinicians who have a tremendous amount of knowledge and

Yes. Our site is secure. We take great efforts to ensure all security measures follow and maintain HIPAA requirements. Please see our Privacy Policy page for more detailed information.

We are positive you will love the program. However, if you find that you cannot complete the program, you can cancel at any time with no penalty.



Chronic Bronchitis


Post-COVID syndrome


Adult Asthma

Childhood Asthma

Parent Support and Training

Lung Cancer

Pulmonary Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis

Pulmonary Hypertension

Golden-ager exercise and life skills

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Rehab Program

pay monthly for 3 months
$ 59.99
Per Month
  • 12-Week Personalized Program
  • Disease & Medication Management Classes
  • Nutritional & Social Welfare Instruction
  • Exercise & Yoga Classes
  • Online Support & Resources
  • Weekly Goals
  • Online Community Access
  • Quit Smoking Classes
  • Cancel Anytime

Rehab Program

one time payment for all 12 weeks
$ 149.99
One Time Payment
  • 12-Week Personalized Program
  • Disease & Medication Management Classes
  • Nutritional & Social Welfare Instruction
  • Exercise & Yoga Classes
  • Online Support & Resources
  • Weekly Goals
  • Online Community Access
  • Quit Smoking Classes
  • Cancel Anytime

Healthcare package
Tier program

packages availabe for clinical sites
  • Attention: hospitals, physician offices, and human resource departments!
  • Reduce Readmissions
  • Bundled programs for your patients and employees
  • Physician support and Dashboard available to follow your patient's progress.
  • Email us to connect with a representative for a quote today!